Let’s have a #throwback moment because ’90s trends are having a total comeback. We’re not mad about it, either. The 1990s fashion trends were the best, and we’ll gladly relive them. The looks of the decade were influenced by pop culture, the rise of hip-hop and urban culture, and the grunge movement led by rock ’n’ roll. We’re going to take you back through the greatest fashion trends of the ’90s, some of which you’ll recognize from today’s styles, as well.

As we get ready for some exciting upgrades at The Oliver, we’re nostalgic for past eras.


1. Crop Tops

Exposing your midriff was a hot trend in ’90s women’s fashion. If you were lucky, you had toned abs and a belly-button piercing to go with it. Major celebrities like Madonna and Gwen Stefani were known for bearing their bellies in crop tops at red carpet events.


2. Grunge Style

Grunge style was fueled by the rebels of ’90s rock like Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Essential items to put together a grunge look included band T-shirts, grungy flannel, acid wash or ripped jeans, and anything with studs.


3. Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens boots were another staple in a grunge wardrobe of the ’90s. As the grunge scene became more mainstream, the boots became more popular and widely worn, especially at music festivals.


4. Platform Shoes

Another footwear trend of the ’90s was the platform shoe. A blocky, 4-inch platform was added to just about any type of shoe, from heels to sneakers, from sandals to boots.


Girl wearing plaid shirt and ripped jeans standing in front of a graffiti wall

Grunge outfit by University of Salford Press Office via Flickr


5. Colorful Prints

Neon and brightly colored prints were a fun part of ’90s fashion. Think back to the crazy fashion from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air worn by Will Smith. From neon snapbacks to zig-zag printed button-ups, Will would wear the boldest clothes. It wasn’t a faux pas to mix prints, either.  


6. Animal Print and Faux Fur

Leopard print and faux fur were wild ways to express yourself through fashion in the ’90s. Melanie Brown, also known as Scary Spice from the Spice Girls, was known for her iconic animal-print looks. You would also see a lot of faux fur jackets layered over satin dresses on a variety of celebrities at red carpet events.


7. Velvet

Velvet was a popular fabric in the ’90s. Crushed or smooth velvet gave your outfit a vintage feel. You could have anything in velvet: pants, headbands, skirts, tops, and more. Velvet was classy, glamorous, and cool. Adding the unique fabric was an easy way to dress up an outfit, and popular for wearing out to parties and dance clubs.


8. Preppy Sets

Just look to the ladies of the 1995 movie Clueless for guidance on this trend. Matching your top to your bottom was very important. Monochromatic and dichromatic looks were the way to go. Tartan ruffle skirts that came with a matching tie or jacket were the coolest. It also helped if you could use your parent’s credit card like the character Cher to buy designer brands.


9. Windbreakers

You were ready for any weather with color-block windbreakers. These were trendy for both guys and girls. You could get them in an endless variety of colors. Don’t forget to make sure the brand logo is printed somewhere big and visible.


Windbreaker jacket with white, blue, and red colors

Windbreaker by Robert Shele via Flickr


10. Denim

Denim was a huge part of ’90s outfits, especially flare and bell-bottom jeans. No one would be caught dead in the ankle-hugging skinny jeans we prefer today. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger lead the way in denim fashion, with celebrities like Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake sporting head-to-toe denim looks at award shows.


Girl standing outside wearing bell bottom blue jeans

Bell-bottom jeans by Mike Powell derivative work: Andrzej 22 via Wikimedia Commons


Are you ready to rock some of these ’90s trends again in the 2000s? Stay tuned to our Facebook page for a ’90s surprise for our residents coming soon!