You’ve found the perfect apartment — now it’s time to decorate! Don’t let the small space of an apartment limit your design creativity. Use our 10 design hacks to make your apartment the best looking in the building!


Decorate with succulents.

Succulents are easy to maintain, and they look cute, too! They are more lively than fake plants and less maintenance than most live plants. Because they require minimal sunlight and water, they’ll thrive in an apartment setting.


Make your apartment feel bigger by hanging your curtains higher.

Hanging curtains just above the window frame will make your windows appear larger and make the room seem bigger as a whole. Choosing a light color for your curtains rather than a dark color will also make the room seem bigger.

Apartment Curtains

Image via Flickr by Homestilo, with modifications.


Use over-the-door organizers in every room.

These organizers are traditionally used in closets to organize shoes. But, you don’t have to stop there. Hang one in the bathroom to organize toiletries, one in the kitchen to organize packaged foods and spices, one in the living room to hold TV remotes, one at your desk to organize school supplies, and one in your storage closet to organize tools and cleaning supplies.

Closet Organizer

Loft your bed as high as possible to create extra living space.

Raising your bed will create a cozy living space you can utilize as a reading corner or workstation. You can furnish it with a mini-fridge and bean bag chair to make it the ultimate chill-out spot.


Create a headboard for your bed using cardboard.

Cut the cardboard into your desired headboard shape. Select a fabric that you like and hot glue it to both sides of the headboard.

Completed Headboard

Photos by Stacie via Flickr


Find cheap organizing supplies at the dollar store.

From baskets to storage bins, the dollar store has everything you need to organize your apartment. There are tons of dollar store hacks you can use in your apartment.


Hang floating shelves.

Floating shelves look sleek and modern. You can stack as many as you want, mix and match colors, and use for multiple purposes. In an apartment where you have to be mindful of space, floating shelves are less bulky than a traditional bookcase or shelving unit.


Incorporate clear acrylic furniture.

Acrylic is a unique design material that won’t take up visual space and will keep your apartment bright and lively. You can find large pieces, like chairs and tables, or small items, like bins and vases.

Green Couch

Photo by Urbane Apartments via Flickr


Use binder clips to organize your power cords.

Binder clips can have multiple uses in your apartment. Use them to organize cables at your desk or entertainment center.


Create a design on your walls using washi tape.

Washi tape comes in all different colors and patterns. There are many design uses for washi tape, including decorating your apartment walls. It’s easy to remove and won’t leave residue on the walls if you decide to take it down later.

Washi Tape

Photo by Emile via Wikimedia Commons