Living in an apartment can have its ups and downs. That’s why we at the Oliver decided to share our list of Life Hacks for Apartment Living. There’s plenty of upsides you might not know about, and we want you to use them.

We made sure to include many small and reversible tips that won’t end up costing you in the long run. Whether you live in a one-room or three-room apartment, we guarantee you’ll see a great difference by the time you’re done. Trust us, it doesn’t take too much to transform your apartment, it just takes the right kind of knowledge to do so. So, let’s start digging into these great apartment living hacks we’ve been talking about:

Living and Dining Room

Living Room Looking Dull? No Problem

Traditionally, the first thing you’ll see when you walk into an apartment is the living room. First impressions are important, so we’ll start by fixing that problem first. Keep in mind that some of these life hacks aren’t limited to the apartment living room and can be used anywhere else throughout your living space.

Hang Up Some Photos

This is no surprise, but hanging up some photos is a great way to give your apartment a nicer view. It helps bring in some color and can also help distract you from any dull colors on the walls or furniture.

Hanging up large portraits can also help you cut down on the amount of noise you hear from the outside of your apartment. Materials like cotton and foam can help drastically cut out unwanted noise by absorbing the sound waves.

Lay Down Some Carpet/Rugs

Apart from adding some eye-catching qualities to your apartment, laying down some carpet can help make cleaning a bit easier. You can vacuum it or shake it off outside. Having some carpet is also good news if you live upstairs. Carpets and rugs absorb part of the noise from your steps, making you a better upstairs neighbor to live with.

Add Some Mirrors

Adding some mirrors to your living space can help make it look bigger than what it truly is. This can help you feel less stuffed and surrounded by wall space.

Reuse Old Bottles and Jars

You can always save glass bottles and jars after you’re done drinking from them. Turn your old bottles into DIY Projects your visitors will love. Just make sure to wash them before turning them into a flower pot or other rustic decoration.

Bust Out Your Childhood Toys

Your childhood doesn’t have to stay in the past. Some of your childhood toys can be used as a  cheap storage option for keys, chargers, and other easy-to-lose items. Whether you want to use your old LEGO collection or action figures, it’s totally up to you! The best part is that you’ll be able to keep your favorite cartoon characters as a fun decoration.

Living Room

Making Space In Your Living Area

Living in an apartment can have its space limitations. Here are some great life hacks for apartment living you can use to decorate your apartment without having to worry if there’s enough room or not:

Using Foldable Baskets

Throwing all of your dirty clothes into a foldable basket can help clear out any usable space. You can also use these baskets to store shoes and other items you don’t need to fold. It’ll help you organize any room that might need it, and not just your bedroom

Store Items in Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are great for storing movies, blankets, pencils, and other items that take up space on shelves and baskets. You’ll be keeping eyesores out of sight and you’ll also have an extra storage spot for snacks and other fun things!

Making Full Use of Shelves and Window Sills

Many forget that their apartment comes with shelves and window sills. You can easily use them as a good spot for movies, books, and even as a desk if space allows. There’s no telling what you’re able to do with the resources your apartment already comes with.

Place Stuff Under Your Bed

Have a small closet? No problem, you can always put any extra boxes and shoes underneath your comfortable bed. You can also add bed risers to your bed if you need a little extra room for stuff.

Use a Shoe Organizer

Try using a shoe organizer for different objects. Shoe organizers are great for storing hairspray bottles, hair brushes, hair dryers, and other handheld appliances. It’s a great way of saving space in the restroom in case you always have problems with counter space.

Stacking Beverages in Your Refrigerator

Your refrigerator is also part of your living space. Whether it’s for a party or just some good ol’ water bottles, stacking your beverages can allow you to store more stuff in your fridge. Just be sure to have something that’ll help keep your bottles in place!

Need more help saving some space in your apartment? Check out these great Space Saving Tips for Apartment Living.

Increase Your Closet Space by Getting Creative With Hangers

Many of us run into the problem of having too many clothes to hang up. S Hooks and Utility chains are some of the life hacks you’ll always want to implement for apartment living. They allow you to hang more shirts, pants, skirts, jewelry, and other accessories that take up too much space.

Indoor Plants

Keeping Your Apartment Air Clean

Did you know that the air quality inside of your home can be more polluted than the air outside? The United States Environmental Protection Agency suggests you take care of your air quality to live a longer and healthier life. Here are some great life hacks for apartment living you can do to seriously improve your indoor air quality and make your apartment a healthier place:

Buy a Plant That’ll Help Clean Your Air

There are plenty of houseplants that can help clean the air you breathe. Plants can also have some great health benefits in case you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle. The following list of plants can help get rid of pollutants and bad odors in your apartment:

  1. Areca Palm
  2. Lady Palm
  3. Bamboo Palm
  4. Rubber Plant
  5. Dracaena “Janet Craig”

Invest In a Vacuum With a HEPA Filter

Vacuums with a HEPA Filter can help prevent pollutants from jumping into the air in your apartment. It’s a great way to drastically boost the amount of fresh air you breathe. These vacuums help trap smaller particles and allergens that regular vacuums miss.

Once you invest in your new vacuum, make sure you vacuum at least once a week. Remember to regularly change out your vacuum filter to keep the air in your living space smelling fresh.

Clean Your Shower and Sinks

No matter how clean you are, showers and sinks will tend to get occasional mold. The healthiest way to get rid of unwanted scum is by using safe products like vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. These common household items are powerful enough to get rid of stains, and safe enough to use around children and pets. It’s also healthier for your lungs and can keep you from buying expensive cleaners you won’t use again.

Buying a Reusable Microfiber Dust Mop

Dust bunnies are also an easy problem to fix that will help keep your lungs healthy. Buy a reusable dust mop to brush over doors, windows, and other spots that your vacuum can’t reach. You can also use a damp piece of cloth to go over countertops, tables, and television stands. It’ll help give your living space a beautiful shine while getting rid of dust! You can also check out these great ways to clean up your grout.