The LSU Tiger Band plays as the football team rushes onto the field, Photo by JustDog via Wikimedia Commons


The LSU Tiger Marching Band, also known as The Golden Band from Tigerland, is nationally recognized and locally famed. They have been performing since 1893, and were inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2009. One of their most popular performances is the LSU fight song, “Fight for LSU”. The song is performed by the band while students and fans sing along to cheer on athletes at various sporting events, primarily football and basketball. “Fight for LSU” is frequently confused with another popular LSU song, “Hey Fighting Tigers”, which is also played at football games. You can learn the history, traditions, and lyrics associated with both songs below.


“Fight For LSU” Lyrics

Like Knights of old, Let’s fight to hold

The glory of the Purple and Gold.

Let’s carry through, Let’s die or do

To win the game for dear old LSU.

Keep trying for that high score;

Come on and fight,

We want some more, some more.

Come on you Tigers, Fight! Fight! Fight!

for dear old L-S-U.



“Hey Fighting Tiger” Lyrics

Hey, Fightin’ Tigers, Fight all the way

Play, Fightin’ Tigers, win the game today.

You’ve got the know how,

you’re doing fine,

Hang on to the ball as you hit the wall

And smash right through the line

You’ve got to go for a touchdown

Run up the score.

Make Mike the Tiger stand right up and roar.


Give it all of your might as you fight tonight

and keep the goal in view.

Victory for L-S-U!



Students and fans sing the LSU fight song at football games and sporting events to encourage the athletes to victory. In “Fight for LSU”, they cheer on the team to “fight to hold the glory of the purple and gold”, which are LSU’s school colors. These colors have been associated with royalty, explaining the reference to knights who fought to protect their country in medieval times. In “Hey Fighting Tiger”, the LSU mascot, Mike the Tiger, is called to “stand right up and roar”. Mike the Tiger is a live tiger who lives on campus in a special habitat.



“Fight for LSU” is played during LSU football games when the team runs onto the field, after a field goal or extra point is attempted/scored, and at the end of each half. It’s a misconception that LSU’s fight song is actually “Hey Fighting Tigers”; however, it is one of the favorite cheers among students and is sung at pep rallies, before games, and after wins.  



Castro Carazo and W.G. Higganbotham wrote the music and lyrics for “Fight for LSU” in 1937. Carazo is a legend in the New Orleans jazz orchestra scene and was responsible for LSU’s initial success. He helped write many of the Tiger Band songs, including “Touchdown for LSU”. He was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame in 2009 in recognition of his many musical accomplishments.

“Hey Fighting Tigers” is set to the music of original Broadway hit, “Hey Look Me Over” from the musical Wildcat. LSU Director of Social Recreation Gene Quaw customized the song with LSU lyrics in 1962, and it debuted that year at the LSU vs. Texas A&M rivalry football game.



Listen to the LSU Tiger Band play “Fight for LSU” in this video: