May joy come your way for this is the month of May! We have a lot of events planned to show you guys some fun in the sun now that finals are on the countdown. Our staff wants to support our student residents during finals season by supplying them with Scantrons, pencils, snacks, and a fully functional study environment. If you haven’t, make sure you stop by our office to ask about how you can reserve your spot for the 2019–2020 leasing year!

Special Highlight

If you ever have an after-hours emergency, just give our front office a call. It will redirect you to our on-call team, where our awesome CAs will be able to help you out with whatever you need. We can help with anything from the air conditioner being out to just being locked out, and every emergency in between!

Reminders and Updates

If you haven’t renewed your lease, please come and see us. We have renewal specials! If you have a friend that hasn’t leased with us yet, we’re also offering specials for new leases. Spaces are filling fast, so stop by to see us!

Rent installments are due on the first of every month and can be paid via check, money order, or via online payment. Installments will be automatically marked as late if you have a debit balance of $50 or more on your account. We do not accept partial payments, so be sure your check will zero out your account; your check will not be posted if it does not zero out your account!

Water, sewer, and electricity bills are due at the same time as rent and can be combined with your rent payment.

All work orders may be submitted online using your portal account, as well as by calling or stopping by the office to let us know.

May Your Summer Be the Best One Yet — Congratulations from Campus Advantage!

As another academic year comes to an end, your management team and everyone here at Campus Advantage would like to congratulate you on a job well done. Being a successful college student or young professional takes a lot of effort, and you deserve credit for all of your hard work!

Some of you may be graduating, some may be heading to summer classes. Maybe your hours will be spent at a summer internship or enjoying the sun on a vacation. Wherever your summer months take you, we want you to stay connected with us so we can continue to support you on your way. Consider taking the following steps to ensure your continued success as a resident of Campus Advantage:

  • If you will to be gone for a significant part of the summer, make sure to prepay or schedule online payments so you don’t miss rent deadlines. Also, communicate your long-term absence with the management office so we can keep a pulse on who’ll be around.
  • If you haven’t already done so, sign up for a free account with the Campus Advantage Career Success Portal to get resume assistance, job alerts, and tons of other resources to help you get a job!
  • Got some free time? We’ll still be hosting great events throughout the summer, so make sure to join us for some fun! Also, don’t forget to get out and enjoy our outdoor space and amenities that might have gone forgotten in the winter months.
  • Finally, if you’re still on the fence about signing a lease for next year — don’t wait any longer! Spaces are going fast, and we want to make sure you’re able to call this community home for another year. Stop by and see us in the management office today to renew your lease or get leasing information for a friend.

Cheers to the end of your semester, and good luck on any pending exams and projects you may have! Make sure to check out the calendar for events going on this month, and follow your community on social media to connect and fuel up for May.

Community Events Calendar

Congrats, Grads — May 10 — In celebration of graduation season, we’re hosting a party for all of our graduates!

DIY Terrariums — May 13 — You can make a terrarium in less than an hour with very few materials, and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Yoga Class — May 15 — What’s more relaxing than relieving stress by the pool?

Start of Summer Scavenger Hunt — May 21 — Find certain items within a three-hour time period. The first three residents to find everything on their list will receive a prize.

Karaoke Night — May 23 — Everyone has a song in their heart, we just want them to sing it at Karaoke Night!

May Movie Night — May 29 — Let’s enjoy a movie on the lawn on a May night!